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    Start out this holiday craft for kids using these materials–an orange chenille stem, a 1-inch yellow pom-pom, a 2-inch yellow pom-pom, blue ribbon, a 1/2-inch yellow pom-pom, two tiny pom-poms, scissors, and glue. Make the chick by gluing the 1-inch pom-pom on top of the 2-inch yellow pom-pom. Allow the 1/2-inch yellow pom-pom to serve as the furry tail. Glue the two tiny pom-poms on the 1-inch pom-pom for its eyes. You’ll then want to cut one 1-1/2-inch piece and two 2-1/2-inch pieces from the orange chenille stem. Bend all three pieces in half, then glue the two 2-1/2-inch pieces to the bottom of the 2-inch pom-pom for the little guy’s feet. No chick is complete without a beak, so glue the 1-1/2-inch chenille stem to the 1-inch pom-pom. Tie a cute ribbon around his neck, and this spring craft is finished. Make the chick a bunny pom-pom friend by watching our other Easter craft ideas videos!

    Chick Pom-Pom Easter Crafts - Watch video tutorial on: http://diyandcraft.tv/chick-pom-pom-easter-crafts/

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    Spring DIY Flower Pom Pom Necklace - Watch video tutorial on http://bit.ly/1hNiM4F


  3. Birds Nest in Terra Cotta Pot


    Birds Nest in Terra Cotta Pot - Watch video tutorial on: http://diyandcraft.tv/birds-nest-in-terra-cotta-pot/

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    Origami Bunny Envelope - Easter Crafts - Easter Bunny / Rabbit Envelope - Watch video tutorial on: http://diyandcraft.tv/origami-bunny-envelope-easter-crafts-easter-bunny-rabbit-envelope/

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    REBLOG: go to your blog and click the egg to see what hatches


    I got Sonic the Hedgehog.

    Sonic the fucking Hedgehog.

    Maybe I cracked the egg too fast.

    I got a little dog and I think it’s from Animal Crossing but I’m not sure

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    Easter Baskets - Watch video tutorial on: http://diyandcraft.tv/easter-baskets/

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    Social anxiety on We Heart It

    My struggle. Until I’m comfortable with you, I’m like a mouse

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    that’s it that’s the whole argument.

    That’s literally the best way i’ve ever seen to describe it.

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  9. DIY Spring Egg Planters Project

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    Spring DIY Flower Pom Pom Necklace - Watch video tutorial on http://bit.ly/1hNiM4F